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nformation stored on the SEDAR Database is retrieved by means of programs known as browsers.

If your computer is not equipped with an appropriate browser, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer by clicking on the link here.

By law, documents filed in the SEDAR database must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). For more details, see Document Formats.

Tips for viewing documents (Software Upgrades)

It is important to check what version of software you are running. Although you may have Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Adobe reader on your machine, you may not be able to open files in the SEDAR Database because your browser or PDF reader is too old and does not fully support SEDAR's features. In such circumstances, it recommended that you upgrade your browser and PDF reader to their latest versions by using the links below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Acrobat Reader

For assistance opening a document in WordPerfect (WP) format, please contact the CSA Service Desk (1-800-219-5381).

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