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he SEDAR site is designed to provide you with a convenient and friendly environment for accessing the filings of all Canadian issuers.


At the outset the SEDAR site presents you with a decision-making opportunity - whether to continue in English or French. The site is fully bilingual. Whatever your initial choice, you can change to the other language at any point within the site by returning to the Home Page and clicking on the appropriate language button.

If at any point in your use of this site you encounter terms that are unfamiliar to you, click on SITE HELP in the top navigation bar, then go to the "Glossary of Terms" located in the left navigation bar of that area, to look up a definition relating to the SEDAR database.

Home Page

SEDAR's Home Page welcomes you to the site, provides background information on SEDAR and outlines the information available on The page also includes other links - to Search Help, Filer Updates and VAR (Value Added Resellers) News. If you would like to receive further information about SEDAR or this Web site, contact the CSA Service Desk

You might want to bookmark the home page for future access to SEDAR.

Terms of Use

Documents accessed from this site have been filed in the SEDAR database in accordance with legislated requirements. Information about these requirements is available through the "Terms of Use" at both the top and bottom of every page within the site.

Navigating the Site

Pages throughout the SEDAR site include three navigation toolbars that will help you move from section to section to carry out searches and access the information you need:

Top Navigation Tool Bar

The Top Navigation Tool Bar identifies major sections of the web site. Your current location is always underlined so that, at all times, you know exactly where you are within the web site. [See SITE HELP in the toolbar above.] This tool bar also provides immediate access to the other sections of the site:

New Filings - This section will help you if you are looking for documents that have become publicly accessible within the SEDAR database during the most recently completed business day.

For more information, go to Search Help: New Filings.

Search Database - You should choose this section when you want to search the entire database for company or investment fund documents. This section is also helpful when you are looking for a company or investment fund group profile in the Issuer Profiles area, but have only the name of a specific document. For example, you might have a document name and want to find the name of the parent company.

For more information, go to Search Help: Search Database.

Issuer Profiles - This section provides you with profiles of companies, investment fund groups and investment funds, as well as access to the documents they have issued. Because you start a search by clicking on the first letter of the alphabet of the company or group name, this area is especially helpful when you need more information - such as the full name of a company or investment fund - to carry out an effective search.

For more information go to Search Help: Issuer Profiles.

Web Links - In this section you have opportunities to explore outside the SEDAR site through two major groups of links - Links to Regulatory Sites and Links to Financial Sites.

About SEDAR - Detailed information about the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) is available in this section of the site. Links provide specific information for both filers and subscribers as well as direct access to SEDAR Forms. You can find out more by exploring the following sub-sections:
  • Background on SEDAR
  • How to Contact SEDAR
  • SEDAR Rules and Forms
  • Subscriber Information
  • Becoming a Filing Service Subscriber
  • SEDAR Frequently Asked Questions

Left Navigation Toolbar

The Left Navigation Toolbar identifies and provides access to sub-sections in three areas: NEW FILINGS, ABOUT SEDAR and SITE HELP. It is visible at all times to give you a better idea of how the site is organized and make it easier for you to find the information you need. The button identifying your current location is always highlighted at the top of the bar. You can reach any other sub-section by clicking on the appropriate button.

Bottom Navigation Toolbar

The bottom navigation toolbar provides you with opportunities to move from page to page within the site. Buttons on this toolbar give you immediate access to the Home page, Back to the previous page, on to the Next page or to the Site Map.

Site Map

The Sitemap provides a picture of the entire Web site in one full screen. It permits you to visualize the site and makes it easy for you to see your current position and compare locations in relation to the entire Web site. The sitemap is linked to every part of the web site.

Search Tip!
There are two ways to move back and forth within the SEDAR site. To get to the previous and next pages of the site, use the Back and Next buttons at the bottom of each page. For example, if you are on page 5, you can get to page 4 or page 6 by clicking on Back and Next. To return to the last page that you accessed or the next page in the site that you have previously accessed, click on the Forward and Back buttons in your browser toolbar. (For example, if you have already been to Browser Help, the Sitemap and About SEDAR, and are currently at the Sitemap, you can use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser to return to those pages.)

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