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SEDAR (the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) is the system used for electronically filing most securities related information with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities. Filing with SEDAR started January 1, 1997, and is now mandatory for most reporting issuers in Canada. Information on the rules for electronic filing can be found in SEDAR Rules and Forms.

The SEDAR system enables industry to file securities documents and remit filing fees electronically -- saving time and money. The SEDAR system allows users to gain immediate and intelligent access to issuer information in the public domain, and provides an important communications link among issuers, filers and the securities regulatory authorities.

The filer interface for electronic filing is the SEDAR Filer Software. Reporting issuers and other filers that must file electronically in the SEDAR system may do so by:

  1. becoming a filing service subscriber by installing the SEDAR Filer Software; and/or
  2. selecting a filing agent who is a filing service subscriber to file documents on its behalf.

Documents that are filed in the SEDAR system may be retrieved electronically by the applicable securities regulatory authorities for review, where required, and acceptance. Once accepted, they become part of the public database and may be accessed in the following ways:

  1. using this Web site by selecting NEW FILINGS or SEARCH DATABASE;
  2. using the SEDAR Filer Software to search for public documents; and
  3. For commercial users, through the SEDAR Data Distribution Service

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