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The National Instrument 13-101 -- System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR) (NI 13-101) provides that an electronic filer must file certain documents with the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) in electronic format. In addition, NI 13-101 provides that fees payable to the CSA for the filing of a document must be paid by electronic payment. SEDAR System Fees must also be paid by electronic payment. SEDAR facilitates the electronic payment by permitting filing service subscribers to maintain an EDI bank account and to issue electronic payment instructions at the time an electronic filing is transmitted.
In order to do this, the electronic filer must:
  1. Become a filing service subscriber in order to make electronic filings directly using the SEDAR system; and/or
  2. Retain one or more filing agents that are filing service subscribers and authorize these filing agents to make electronic filings on behalf of the electronic filer.

Filing agents include law firms, financial printers, trust companies acting as transfer agents and registrars, news release disseminators and other service providers. Electronic filers may choose to become filing service subscribers to make certain electronic filings directly where it is convenient to do so, and to rely upon filing agents to make other electronic filings on their behalf where this is more efficient or otherwise appropriate.

To become a filing service subscriber you must:

  1. Review the information found in the SEDAR Information Package which includes links to the necessary forms and information
  2. Complete and sign the SEDAR Form 1 and SEDAR Form 2
  3. Return the SEDAR Form 1 and SEDAR Form 2 (in their entirety) via fax, mail or email as directed in the SEDAR Information Package
  4. Review the applicable Installation Guide to confirm you have the required hardware, software and Internet access
  5. Retain a filing agent to make electronic payments due per filing or open an EDI account in order to make the electronic payments directly.
    1. For a list of filing agents in your area, contact the CSA Service desk at 1-800-219-5381
    2. List of contacts at EDI Compliant Financial Institutions

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