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January 27, 1999


Please be advised that a SEDAR Code Update is going to occur on Monday, February 1, 1999.

The code update is part of regular maintenance and replaces the existing SEDAR Anti-Virus software with the latest Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus software product. An additional 3.2-MB of hard disk space will be required for this software, but this is still within the recommended hard disk space indicated in the SEDAR Installation Guide. The old IBM anti-virus files will remain in the client until the next major SEDAR release.

Future anti-virus signature file updates will be released via a code update on a monthly basis.

Download Procedures
The entire Code Update is approximately 1.7 MB in size and should take less than 10 minutes to download using a 14.4 modem.

The SEDAR program will automatically detect and download the code update when you try to access the SEDAR server.

Once the code update has been downloaded, close the SEDAR program and follow the instructions below to execute the code update.


Windows 3.1 and 3.11 Users: Double click the Code Update icon in the SEDAR program group
Windows 95/NT4.0 Users: 1. Click the Start button located at the bottom left corner of the screen
2. Select Programs
3. From the Program menu, select SEDAR and then select     Code Update

Please note that this code update will bring the SEDAR client application up to version 5.002.000.

To improve the turn-around time with processing of refunds, CDS INC. (SEDAR) has created a refund request form to be used when requesting EDI overpayment refunds from CDS INC. This process should eliminate delays that often arise when CDS INC. does not receive all the necessary information concerning the refund. Upon completion of this form, subscribers may simply fax or mail this form back with a covering letter requesting the refund.

This form is available on our website www.sedar.com section About SEDAR, Request for Refund of Electronic Filing Fees paid to CDS INC., in this update or from your local Customer Support Representative.

You will find a copy of the updated EDI contacts list attached or on our Web site at www.sedar.com, in the section About SEDAR, SEDAR EDI Contacts at the Fis.

As you know, the annual continuous disclosure service charges are now collected electronically via the SEDAR system. Please note that non-reporting issuers, should they file annual financial statements at the request of a securities regulatory authority, are not subject to the annual continuous disclosure fee payment. In case a payment is made in error, CDS INC. will send the filing service subscriber--who submitted the payment--an appropriate refund. In addition, CDS will monitor the system for any payments made on behalf of non-reporting issuers using the other filer profile in a filing, and provide the refund on a pro-active basis. Reporting issuers using an other filer profile in error are subject to all the applicable SEDAR service charges as set out in the National Instrument 13-101 and the SEDAR Filer Manual.

If you have any questions please contact your local Customer Support Representative, or the SEDAR Help Desk at 1 (8.5) 219-5381.

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