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July 17, 1998

Password Reset

CDS INC. (SEDAR) has recently decided to upgrade the password reset procedure. In SEDAR, all filings must be authorized by an electronic “signature” consisting of a User ID and a password. In order to tighten security with regards to this signature, requests for password resets made through the SEDAR Help desk must be authorized as indicated in the following procedure :

Password Reset Authorization Procedure:

1. The primary contact for each SEDAR account (as stated in SEDAR Form 1) receives a letter containing the five-digit Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.) by mail.

2. The primary contact signs the letter and returns it to CDS, thereby acknowledging receipt of the P.I.N. and providing a sample of their signature.

3. The Help desk agent asks for the P.I.N. every time a password reset is requested for a User ID. 

*Note that for a P.I.N. reset request, CDS INC. will require a faxed copy of the request, signed by the primary contact.
This authorization procedure will be implemented as of August 10, 1998.
If you have any questions about this procedure, do not hesitate to contact your local customer service representative, or phone the SEDAR Help desk at 1 (8.5) 219-5381.

Calling after business hours:

Help desk representatives will only be available during SEDAR business hours 7:00a.m. to 11:00p.m.(EST),Monday to Friday excluding holidays.  Calls made outside these hours will be forwarded to our answering service and messages will be returned in a prompt manner no earlier than the next regular business day.

Access to SEDAR’s servers will not be available outside these hours.  Submissions should be made during the SEDAR business hours.  For details please refer to the SEDAR Filer Manual Section 8.2 sections a-b.

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