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April 30, 1997

Words From the Securities Regulatory Authorities

SEDAR Filing Requirements

1. The Cover Page information must be completed. This information is valuable for review of the filing and for future filing searches.

2. The Contact Person should be a person familiar with the filing to whom questions may be directed from the securities regulatory authorities.

3. If a Principal Jurisdiction applies to a project, it must be identified on the >Recipient Agencies= screen at the time of the initial submission. Principal Jurisdiction should be identified by selecting the box in the >Principal= column next to the agency name in the Recipient Agencies screen, for purposes of National Policy Statement No. 1 or as a >designated jurisdiction for purposes of expedited review.

4. Non-Mutual Fund prospectuses where there is more than one issuer require special treatment until changes are made to SEDAR to permit these to be made in one filing. In the interim, in these situations, filers will need to submit the filing multiple times, once under each of the issuer=s names. The receipts will be issued on each project while the Prime Jurisdiction will select the first of the projects, on which all the correspondence and status are to be set.

5. All documents must be of an acceptable file format, with applicable extension (See Section 7.2 (g) of the Filer Manual)

Product Format Version Extension(s)
Corel WordPerfect 5.1 or 5.2 *.w51 or *.w52
Corel WordPerfect 6.0 or 6.1 *.w60 or *.w61
Microsoft Word 6.0x or 7.0 *.doc
Adobe Acrobat 2.x or 3.0 *.pdf
The following are not acceptable formats for transmitting documents on SEDAR and will not be acceptable filings if transmitted electronically.
Adobe Postscript
Microsoft Word 97 (also know as MS Word 8)

Microsoft Word 8:

As per the Filer Manual, Section 7.2 (b) (ii), valid Microsoft Word filing formats are 6.0x and 7.0. MS Word 97 (also known as MS Word 8) is not an acceptable format. Using MS Word 97 to save in Word 6 or Word 95 format is also not acceptable, as Microsoft has chosen to not use the actual Word 6 format when this is selected, but instead saves it in a >Rich Text Format= (known as RTF).

An acceptable solution to this formatting requirement for a document created in MS Word 8 (Word 97) is to save in WordPerfect 5.1 or WordPerfect 5.2.

Adobe Acrobat PDF:

As per the Filer Manual, Section 7.2 (e) (ii), A...In the case of documents having a resultant file size in excess of one (1) megabyte, the filer must use Adobe Acrobat Distiller and select a maximum image resolution of 72 dots per inch.

Dealing with Graphics and Images in Electronic Filings:

As per the Filer Manual, Section 7.2 (f) , A...Object linking and embedding (OLE) applications must not be used to incorporate graphic and image material in electronic filings.

If you have any questions about the above, please refer to the Filer Manual. If you need clarification, contact te securities regulatory authorities.

The SEDAR Helpdesk may be reached at: 1 (8.5) 219-5381

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