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Code Update

Please be advised that a SEDAR Code Update is going to occur on Monday, November 16, 1998.

The code update is part of regular maintenance and includes SEDAR Anti-Virus software with the latest signature files, keeping SEDAR's virus detection capabilities current.

Download Procedures

The entire Code Update is approximately 873 kilobytes in size and should take less than 10 minutes to download using a 14.4 modem.

The SEDAR program will automatically detect and download the code update when you try to access the SEDAR server.

Once the code update has been downloaded, close the SEDAR program and follow the instructions below to execute the code update.

Windows 3.1 and 3.11 Users: Double click the Code Update icon in the SEDAR program group

Windows 95/NT4.0 Users:

  1. Click the Start button located at the bottom left corner of the screen
  2. Select Programs
  3. From the Program menu, select SEDAR and then select Code Update

Please note that this code update will bring the SEDAR client application up to version 5.000.001

For more detailed instructions, refer to section 10.3 in the SEDAR Filer User's Guide Release 5.0.

Workspace Usage

As mentioned in the subscriber update of January 6, 1998, CDS INC. (SEDAR) began charging for workspace usage as of February 1, 1998.

We would like to remind our subscribers that total workspace usage exceeding 5 MB will incur charges daily. This charge is calculated on overall workspace usage as at 11pm of each day, not upon the individual files' time held in the workspace.

Refer to section 9.5, step 4 of the SEDAR Filer User's Guide, release 5.0 for procedures on how to delete or retrieve files to your local directory.

Tips: To keep your charges to a minimum you should retrieve large files from your workspace or delete them after filing. When a file is retrieved through the SEDAR "Receive Files" function, it is removed from the workspace. When a file is attached to the SEDAR cover page from the workspace, and submitted as part of an electronic filing, a copy of that file is transferred to the SEDAR server, but the original file remains in your workspace.

Each SEDAR userid has its own workspace. If SEDAR has been installed on more then one computer, you should check each workspace for files. It is a good idea to ask the sender to inform you of the size of the file and notify you once the file was successfully transferred to your workspace.



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