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November 27, 1998


SEDAR Year 2000 Readiness

This update is in response to a number of inquiries received by CDS INC. regarding the Year 2000 readiness of the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval, known as the SEDAR system, and provides an update to our previous letter issued in the SEDAR Subscriber Update on July 14, 1998 (9806). CDS INC. will reply to all requests in this manner, rather than to respond to each inquiry individually. As a result, any statements in an inquiry letter that attempt to unilaterally impose or imply an agreement or obligation on CDS INC. will not be effective. The intent of this update is to summarize the current SEDAR Year 2000 status and to discuss the progress towards Year 2000 readiness. You may wish to pass a copy of this update to the person at your business who is responsible for the Year 2000 project.

CDS INC. is undertaking a major effort to ensure that the SEDAR system, which consists of the SEDAR client/server application and its operating environment, will continue to function properly on January 1, 2000 and beyond. We have committed significant resources to our Year 2000 Readiness Project, including extensive testing of our computer systems to ensure that our services will continue without interruption in the Year 2000. SEDAR management also makes regular status reports on its Year 2000 Readiness Project to its' Senior Executive Group at each of their meetings.

It is our intention that the SEDAR system operated by CDS INC. will be ready for the Year 2000 by the end of December 1998.

Any new SEDAR development or software upgrade in 1999 will be re-tested to ensure Year 2000 readiness. We will freeze the SEDAR client/server application code and environment as of July 31, 1999.


Year 2000 Readiness Project Summary

detailed Year 2000 inventory of the components of the SEDAR system was completed in May 1998. This formed the basis of a component-by-component assessment of our Year 2000 readiness.


An assessment of the Year 2000 readiness of each component of the SEDAR system is now complete. All SEDAR components have been declared Year 2000 ready by the vendors who provide those systems. The SEDAR client/server application was extensively tested for Year 2000 readiness by the vendor. The technical operating environment (production) is Year 2000 ready.


A project plan was established to test all SEDAR Year 2000 ready components connected together in a separate software-operating environment which duplicates the production environment. A detailed software upgrade plan was developed, which will take the SEDAR system into the Year 2000. This plan addresses all operating systems and SEDAR functional enhancements planned for 1999.

Internal Testing
We have completed the definition of test strategy, test plan and test cases. End-to-end testing of the SEDAR components started on November 2, 1998. Our target is to complete Year 2000 testing by the end of December 1998.

External Testing
In order to support the Year 2000 testing of the SEDAR user community, CDS will make a Year 2000 test system available for testing by subscribers, the Canadian Securities Administrators and the Canadian market centres in 1999.

Because of the need to provide the Year 2000 test facility to users across Canada in multiple time zones, only one date rollover will occur in a 24-hour period. At 7 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, the system will be brought up with a Year 2000 sensitive date (e.g. December 31, 1999) and users will be able to run their test scenarios. At 11 p.m. that evening, the system will be shut down and allowed to roll over to the next scheduled sensitive date (e.g. January 1, 2000). At 7 a.m. the following day, users can then begin testing under the new date. This cycle will continue throughout 1999 until all suggested Year 2000 test dates have been tested.

CDS is currently preparing a list of Year 2000 sensitive dates which are recommended for testing. These dates, along with others requested by the SEDAR user community, will be used to determine the contents and length of the full date change cycle. CDS intends to publish the suggested dates that will be used and the schedule for the test cycle in December 1998.

Year 2000 Test System Support

CDS will provide support to its subscribers for the Year 2000 test system, as has been the practice for user acceptance testing for SEDAR releases. More specifically, CDS will:

  • Provide access to the YEAR 2000 test system via the IGN (specifics to be determined)
  • Provide all necessary network addresses
  • Administer the environment
  • Provide investigation and resolution of any possible SEDAR Year 2000 related errors

CDS will not provide support for the creation, execution, or verification of user test plans or test cases. Also, support for user's test environments (except for the SEDAR client application) is the responsibility of the user. As always, CDS will try to assist users in resolving non-SEDAR problems whenever possible on a best-effort basis.

This letter is provided for informational purposes only and reflects CDS INC.'s current understanding of and intentions with respect to the matters outlined and does not constitute a certification and warranty of any kind. Since Year 2000 readiness is an on-going effort and information on Year 2000 is rapidly changing, the information provided in this letter is also subject to change. Further updates on the status of our SEDAR Year 2000 Readiness Project will be available on our web site at


Dean Peloso
General Manager, CDS INC.

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