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May 28, 1997

CVMQ Account Change

Effective Tuesday, July 1, 1997, the 'Commission des valeurs mobilières du Québec' will be changing their SEDAR EDI banking information. SEDAR's Filing Service Subscribers' payments will automatically be directed into the new account. Your Financial Institution may require your approval to make the appropriate changes to your banking information. The new information is as follows:

Account Name Financial



Institution #


Branch #

Account #
MIN. DE FINANCE DU QUEBEC Banque Nationale du Canada 0006 00011 01-894-24

Please contact your financial institution or the SEDAR Helpdesk should you have any questions about this change.

SEDAR Filing Service Charges

Appendix D of the SEDAR Filer Manual provides details of the Filing Service Charges to be levied by CDS for subscriber usage of a number of SEDAR functions. Effective June 1, 1997, CDS will begin to charge for use of the following services:


Electronic Mail Charges

First 1,000 characters in message $1.00

Subsequent characters (per 1,000 characters) $0.50


SEDAR Workspace Charges

First 5 mb No charge

Subsequent space (per 5 mb) $15/day


Search Public Filings

Filing search inquiry $5.00

Document retrieval See below


Note: Pricing for the retrieval of public-accessible documents contained in the SEDAR Filings Database will be based on the size of the particular filing type or filing subtype that is the subject of the retrieval. A list of filing types and filing subtypes will be published by CDS from time to time classifying each filing type or filing subtype as "small", "medium" or "large". Charges for document retrieval based upon these sizes are expected to be as follows:


Size of Filing Type or Filing Subtype Charge


Small $ 5.00

Medium $10.00

Large $15.00

These charges will cover the cost of retrieving or downloading all publicly-accessible documents within the particular filing type or filing subtype that is the subject of the retrieval.


A listing of filing types and filing subtypes and the document retrieval charge applicable to each will be finalized within the next few weeks. The list will be sent to the Principal Primary Contact for each subscriber as soon as it is available.


The filing service charges listed above will be invoiced quarterly; you should receive your first invoice by mid-September. We also plan to investigate the possibility of monthly invoicing, although this option will not be available at the outset.




Any questions should be addressed to either your CDS INC., (SEDAR) Customer Service Representative, or the SEDAR Helpdesk at 1 (8.5) 219-5381.

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