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June 16, 1997

CVMQ new account name

The CVMQ has asked that CDS pass along to you notification of a change to the account name for its new banking account (see Subscriber Update of May 28, 1997).


Account Name (31 Characters): COMM. VALEURS MOBILIERES QUEBEC


Financial Institution # (Banque Nationale):0006

Transit / Branch #: 00011

Account #: 0189424

Your Financial Institution may require your prior approval for usage of this new account. This change is to go into affect Tuesday, July 1, 1997.


Duplicate Filings

In order to reduce the likelihood of sending a duplicate filing to the SEDAR server in the event that an error message is received during the submission of a filing please follow these steps:


1. Do not resubmit your temporary filing until you have done the following:

If your filing does not appear in your Filing Management main menu list of filings following your submission, then proceed with refreshing your list. Ensure that your customized list criteria will return the project you submitted. If the refresh list was successful, and the filing submission went through, a permanent project number for your new submission will be indicated.

If the project does not appear in the refreshed list, then you can proceed with resubmitting the temporary filing.

If a project was created on the server, erase the temporary filing so you don't resubmit the filing and create a duplicate filing.

2. Fees Submitted with Duplicate Filings:

A request for refund of duplicate payments made to a Securities Regulatory Authority should be directed to that regulator.

A request for a refund of a duplicate payment made to CDS should be handled as follows:

All requests must provide the following required information:

Company Name

Project Numbers (For both the rejected and accepted filings)

Payment Numbers (For both the rejected and accepted filings)

Filer Profile Number

For technical support please call the SEDAR Helpdesk at 1-800-219-5381. For non-technical support please contact your Customer Support Representative.

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