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October 30, 1997

SEDAR Web Site Goes Live!

On Tuesday, October 21, the SEDAR web site became accessible to the public, providing all securities filings and company profile information that has been made public by the regulators on the SEDAR system database since the implementation of SEDAR in January, 1997. At present the database contains more than 80,000 documents and 8.500 filer profiles. Visitors to the site, which is located at, will find six different web categories to browse: "New Filings", "Search Database", "Company Profiles", "Web Links", "About SEDAR", and "Site Help".

New Filings

All filings from the SEDAR database, made public during the most recently-completed business day will be transferred to this section of the web site. The filings from public companies are organized in the following manner: all new public company filings, new annual reports, new financial statements, new press releases, new prospectuses, new takeover bid materials, and all new mutual fund filings.

Search Database

In this area, visitors can search for public company documents or mutual fund documents either by company or mutual fund name, document type, industry group or date of filings. The result of the initial search can be further sorted by name, document type and date.

Company Profiles

Companies and mutual funds are listed alphabetically in this area. From these listings, users can retrieve the filer profile of the company or mutual fund group which displays key information concerning the company or mutual fund group. Documents filed by the company or mutual fund can also be accessed from this area.

Web Links

This section allows users to access selected regulatory and stock exchange sites.


This area of the web site provides information about SEDAR, including background information about SEDAR, how to contact SEDAR staff, information about CDS, subscriber information, becoming a filing service subscriber, SEDAR data resellers and frequently-asked questions.

Site Help

From this page, all users (whether veterans or first-timers) can find online help for navigating through the site and conducting effective document searches as well as loading Internet plug-in's to new documents.

SEDAR Software License/Documentation Reminder

This is a reminder that the SEDAR Subscriber Agreement requires the purchase of a separate software license for each PC on which the SEDAR application is installed. In addition, please remember that user documentation supplied by CDS may not be copied by subscribers; additional copies of all documentation are available from CDS at a nominal cost.

SEDAR Form 2

There is a small group of SEDAR subscribers who have not submitted SEDAR Form 2 (the version approved in the National Instrument which was published in December 1996). These subscribers have been contacted by mail and by telephone by CDS staff in attempts to resolve this issue. For those subscribers who have not returned SEDAR Form 2 by November 7, 1997, access to the SEDAR system will be withdrawn. Please contact Jean-Allain Chue-Him at (416) 365-3855 if you have any questions regarding this.

Personnel Changes at CDS (SEDAR)

During the past weeks, a number of personnel changes have occurred within our group, as follows:

Calgary: Fred Gautreau has replaced Julie Catchlove as the CSR responsible for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon. Julie has left CDS to pursue other interests.

Vancouver: Jennifer Dahms has replaced Karen Morin as the CSR responsible for British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Karen recently began a maternity leave.

Toronto: Nora Varga has relocated from Vancouver to take on a staff role at CDS (SEDAR).

Toronto: Len Knott recently joined CDS as the Webmaster.

Toronto: Kerry Joel, who has worked on the SEDAR Helpdesk for the past two summers, has recently joined CDS (SEDAR) as a permanent employee. Kerry will be a member of our second-level technical support team as well as assisting with web site support.


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