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January 6, 1998



CDS will begin to charge for use of the SEDAR Workspace as of February 1, 1998.

As per Appendix D of the SEDAR Filer Manual the service charge for workspace usage is as follows:

First 5 MB no charge
Subsequent space
(per 5 MB) $15/day

CDS did not charge for workspace usage, effective June 1, 1997, contrary to that indicated in the subscriber update dated May 28, 1997. To avoid unnecessary charges, we recommend that you access your SEDAR workspace and remove unwanted files prior to February 1, 1998. For procedures on how to do this please refer to section 8.5, step 4 of the SEDAR Filer User's Guide; Release 3.0. As indicated above, files (in total) exceeding the first 5 MB that are kept on the Workspace for over 24 hours will incur charges daily.

Tips: To keep your charges to a minimum you should retrieve large files from your workspace or delete them after filing. When a file is retrieved through the SEDAR "Receive Files" function, it is removed from the workspace. When a file is attached to the SEDAR cover page from the workspace, and submitted as part of an electronic filing, a copy of that file is transferred to the SEDAR server, but the original file remains in your workspace.

Each SEDAR userid has its own workspace. If SEDAR has been installed on more then one computer, you should check each workspace for files. It is a good idea to ask the sender to inform you of the size of the file and notify you once the file was successfully transferred to your workspace.


The SEDAR web site is now in operation. The site only contains information that has been filed through SEDAR and has been made public by a regulator. Any changes to a filer profile must be done by or on behalf of the issuer in the SEDAR system. Changes cannot be made on the website, or by CDS on your behalf

QUEBEC SALES TAX (QST) - Rate Increase

Effective January 1, 1998, taxable goods and services are subject to QST at the new rate of 7.5% (previously 6.5%). The new rate will be applied on all QST taxable goods and services such as SEDAR filing service charges and database retrieval service charges invoiced on or after January 1, 1998.


A SEDAR Code Update is planned on Monday, January 19, 1998. The update will include the following changes contained in the Filing Management module of the SEDAR application.

  1. Modifications will be made to the following Agency Fees Tables:
    • British Columbia - Item 40 for filing a report under section 85(2) of the Act ($100) "SIMC" will be removed.
    • Manitoba - Current fee schedule will be replaced by new fee descriptions with corresponding dollar amounts.
    • Nova Scotia - The order of fee descriptions and corresponding dollar amounts will be changed.
  2. The number of characters that can be entered in Filing Management when building a customized inquiry for performing refresh lists based on the field of SEDAR Project number will be expanded to hold more project numbers.
  3. The new Quebec Sales Tax (QST) rate of 7.5% (see above) will also apply to electronic filing fees in the SEDAR system which are subject to QST.
  4. Annual filing service charge for Continuous Disclosure for NON-POP Issuers with AIF - change in amount, timing and method of payment

When an Annual Information Form for a non-POP issuer is filed under continuous disclosure for other issuers the SEDAR system will prompt the filer with a filing service charge of $350. Please see additional information below concerning this change.

Previously, the annual filing service charge for continuous disclosure to be paid by or on behalf of a Non-POP Issuer with AIF (Annual Information Form) was $1,000. This charge was invoiced by CDS INC. at the time the initial filer profile for such issuer submitted to the SEDAR system. When the Non-POP Issuer actually filed its AIF, there were no additional filing charges that were required to be paid electronically through the SEDAR system.

The Canadian Securities Administrators recently approved the following change: All Non-POP Issuers with AIF will be invoiced by CDS INC. on the anniversary (February 1, 1998) of the original phase-in date (February 1, 1997) for a $650 annual filing service charge for continuous disclosure. At the time of filing the AIF, the Non-POP Issuer (or a filing agent on its behalf) will be required to pay a filing charge of $350 electronically, through the SEDAR application.

Download Procedures

The entire Code Update is approximately 8.5 kilobytes in size and should take less than 15 minutes to download using a 14.4 modem. The SEDAR program will automatically detect and download the code update when you try to access the SEDAR server.

Once the code update has been downloaded, close the SEDAR program and follow the instructions below to execute the code update.

Windows 3.1 and 3.11 Users

1. Double click the Code Update icon in the SEDAR program group

Windows 95 Users

1. Click the Start button located at the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Select Programs

3. From the Program menu, select SEDAR and then select Code Update

For more detailed instructions, refer to section 9.1 in the SEDAR Filer User's Guide Release 3.0.


Remember any change in SEDAR Subscriber information must be reported to CDS by completing a new SEDAR Form 1, and in certain circumstances, SEDAR Form 2, and forwarding them to CDS INC. Should you require any of these forms, please refer to Appendix N of your SEDAR Filer Manual or contact Maria DeVuono at (416) 365-8133.

SEDAR Form 1: For changes to: contact names, subscriber company name, address, telephone & facsimile numbers *

SEDAR Form 2: For changes to: subscriber company name* In some circumstances, depending on the reason for the change in name, an updated SEDAR Form 2 will be required to be completed and returned to CDS.

*When sending us new SEDAR Form 1 or 2, please notify us in writing with the nature or the reason for the change(s).


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