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March 31, 1998


SEDAR Release 4.0

Release 4.0 (R4.0) of the SEDAR software is planned to be implemented on Monday, April 27,1998.

New Functionality Summary

New column added to the Filing Management Screen - Submitter
The column allows recipients to view who the submitter is for each submission within a project on the FM screen. This could be a primary filer, secondary filer or recipient agency for formal correspondence. For pre-R4.0 submissions, the column will contain the text "No Information Available".

Local Policy Elections
A new optional field called Local Policy Statement Elections has been added to Issuer Cover Page, so that a filer may indicate which local policies apply to that filing.

Third Party Filings
A new cover page called "Third Party Cover Page" has been created for all Third Party Filings, except Securities Acquisition Filings (Early Warning). The new cover page eliminates the needs to submit two separate filings, one for the Offeree and one for the Offeror, when creating a Take-over Bid filing, because the two can be selected from the new cover page. Two new fields are mandatory on the new page: Issuer name and Filer Name. You can fill in both fields by clicking "List" beside the field, and selecting a profile in the Other Issuers and Other Filers window. The General Cover Page will continue to be used for filings submitted before the implementation of Release 4.0.

New Filing Type - Annual Filing for Mutual Fund Issuers
A new filing called "Annual Filing" for the Mutual Fund Issuers under the Continuous Disclosure filing type has been added.

Automatic Updating of Certain Document Filing Types to Public
All Continuous Disclosure filing types for both Mutual Fund Issuers and Other Issuers ( with the exception of Other Filings) are now automatically made public upon submission to the SEDAR server. All test filings remain private. Automatic updating does not apply to filings submitted before the implementation of Release 4.0. Recipient agencies can still make a document private if required.

New Access Levels
Three new document access levels have been added to provide the user with additional information regarding the status of submitted documents.

Private - Virus
Private - Incorrect Filing
Private - Incorrect Format
Fee Changes
A new field called 'Matter #' has been added to the Charge Summary screen, to allow the user to input an internal Matter number for easier reconciliation. The "Matter #" is an optional field, and up to 20 characters may be entered for it. Only one "Matter #" can be entered per project, and it cannot be modified after submission. It is also displayed on the Payment Status Details screen. Also, the total amount paid to the agencies will also be shown on the Charge Summary screen.

Harmonized Sale Tax (HST) Changes
The User Information screen has been changed to display whether or not a user is subject to HST. Subscribers whose mailing province is New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Newfoundland, will be updated in the SEDAR database to be subject to HST as part of the R4.0 migration. The Charge Summary screen has been modified to calculate HST for CDS fees if the subscriber is subject to HST (HST= 15% of CDS fees).

New Formal Correspondence Document Types and Status Changes
New formal correspondence and corresponding status have been added. The new status is automatically set with the submission of corresponding formal correspondence.

Issuer Name Search
Filing Management and Search Filings have been modified so that a search inquiry using "Issuer/Filer Name English or French" or "Mutual Fund Group Name English or French" will search and send back all filings associated with the profile number corresponding to that issuer name.

Windows NT Supported
SEDAR R4.0 is supported on Windows NT Client Workstation Version 4.0. It includes a Windows NT version of the anti-virus program. To run SEDAR on Windows NT, the IBM Global Network Dialer version 4.15.5 (SEDAR disk 7) is required.

Helpful Hints

SEDAR Startup
The SEDAR Startup process will have to be run after installing R4.0. This will involve entering an existing userid and password. If users forget their passwords, they should contact the SEDAR helpdesk as soon as possible to have them reset.

Search Inquiries
As a result of the installation of R4.0 software, all built search inquiries will be deleted for the following modules:

Filing Management - Customize List
Search Filings
Search Profiles
Profile Management
The Profile Management database has not changed for R4.0, so a R3.0 version of the database can be saved and restored after installing R4.0. To restore your profiles, perform the following:

  1. Prior to installing R4.0 on the PC, make a copy of the existing cfissuer.mdb file in the sedar\bin directory.
  2. Install R4.0 on the PC.
  3. Copy the cfissuer.mdb file back into the sedar\bin directory after installing R4.0 and overwrite the existing cfissuer.mdb file.

This will restore the profiles database on the PC with the same list of profiles prior to the R4.0 installation.

Filing Management
The Filing Management database has changed, so a user cannot use the R3.0 version of the database. You can avoid having to retrieve all your submitted filings on more than one PC by performing the following steps:

  1. Install R4.0 on each PC
  2. Perform a refresh list in Filing Management, using a customized inquiry on one PC.
  3. Make a copy the cffiling.mdb file found in the sedar\bin directory of that PC.
  4. Copy that file into the sedar\bin directory on all of the other PC's, overwriting the existing cffiling.mdb file.

This will populate the filings database on those other PC's with the same list of filings as on the first PC.

For technical support please call the SEDAR Helpdesk at 1-800-219-5381. For non-technical support please contact your Customer Support Representative.

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