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April 3, 1998


SEDAR Filing Service Charges

Appendix D of the SEDAR filer Manual provides details of the Filing Service Charges to be levied by CDS for subscriber usage of a number of SEDAR functions.  As per our SEDAR Subscriber Update of May 28, 1997, CDS began to charge for use of the following services: 

Search Public Filings: 
Filing search inquiry  $ 5.00
Document retrieval Small  $ 5.00
Medium $10.00
Large $15.00
Note:   When these services are aborted by either the abort key or ctrl+alt+del the command is effective only at the subscriber's (local) level.  Since the SEDAR server has already received the instruction, it will continue to process the command and the subscriber will be charged accordingly.  Please ensure that you want to do this search before starting. 

Payment of Subscriber Service Charges

Unpaid subscriber service charges have been a growing concern of both CDS INC. and the Canadian Securities Administrators. A number of subscribers incurred service charges between June and November, 1997, as well as subscription fees up to mid February, 1998 that are still unpaid.  To address this problem, a letter (dated March 31, 1998) was sent to subscribers with overdue payments, informing  them that payment must be received by CDS INC. in order to deliver the new SEDAR Release 4.0 software packages and related information materials. As indicated in the most recent subscriber update, dated March 31, 1998, the new release of SEDAR is planned to be launched on Monday, April 27, 1998. 

In order to ensure of a smooth transition to release 4.0, CDS INC. urges all subscribers with outstanding charges to please send full payment on any overdue charges. 

Helpful Hints - Deleted Profiles

Filer profiles can be deleted from the SEDAR system on the request of an issuer.  If a filer profile is not used in a filing and the continuous disclosure fee remains unpaid for over 90 days of its invoice date, CDS INC. automatically deletes the profile. 

Recently, some subscribers encountered problems when they tried to submit an electronic filing by using profiles which were removed from the SEDAR server.  Error messages were sent back to those subscribers indicating that the submission failed. 

In order to avoid being haunted by deleted profiles please do the following: 
1. When you send CDS INC. a request for a profile deletion, remove the profile from your local Profile Management by selecting the profile to be deleted, then selecting the "remove profiles from list" command from the file menu. 
2. Prior to submitting a new project, open the Profile Management module. Select the profile you would like to use in the filing, and select refresh profile. If you receive the following error message -  an error occurred  during processing, view the error log from the SEDAR Main Menu for details -  the profile no longer exists on the SEDAR server. 
3.   If you want to link a profile as a previous issuer profile to another profile, please perform a refresh on both  profiles to ensure that both still exist on the SEDAR server. 
Note:   If you receive any error messages from the SEDAR server in response to a refresh on a profile that is not supposed to be deleted, please contact the SEDAR Helpdesk for assistance. 

For technical support please call the SEDAR Helpdesk at 1-800-219-5381.  For non-technical support please contact your Customer Support Representative. 

CDS Appoints New General Managers 

April 3, 1998 

Allan Cooper, President and CEO of the Canadian Depository for Securities Limited, announced today the appointments of Dean Peloso, General Manager, SEDAR, effective May 4, 1998, and Bill Carrigan, General Manager, Business Development. 

Dean Peloso joins CDS from the Toronto Stock Exchange, where he held the position of Director, Listed Company Reporting.  Dean was also the Market Centre Coordinator for SEDAR, and played a major role in coordinating the integration of stock exchanges into SEDAR.  Prior to joining the TSE, Dean held a number of progressively responsible management positions over an 11 year period with Bell Canada and its subsidiaries.  In his new position, Dean will oversee the day-to-day operations of SEDAR, the national securities document filing and dissemination systems for publicly held companies and mutual funds in all Canadian jurisdictions. 

In his new position at CDS, Bill will be responsible for the development of new business services, including the expansion of SEDAR-related business opportunities.  As well, Bill will manage the development of new and improved depository and clearing services. 

The Canadian Depository for Securities is Canada's national securities' depository and clearing organization, dedicated to providing efficient, secure facilities to support and advance Canadians' ability to compete in domestic and global capital markets.  CDS INC., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDS, operates the SEDAR system in agreement with the Canadian Securities Administrators. 

Contact: Eric Pelletier, 
Manager, Corporate Communications 
(416) 365-8427 


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