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October 28, 1996

In last week's update, we provided contact information for each of the EDI-capable financial institutions. Since then, we have also forwarded a list of each financial institution's (FI's) customers to the principal contact at that particular FI . There were a number of instances where subscribers did not provide their FI's name to us. In addition, there have also been instances where the FI indicated is not EDI-capable. Please check last week's Subscriber Update or call the SEDAR Help Desk if you have any questions about which FI's are included as EDI-capable.


When you contact your FI to enroll in financial EDI, you may be required to confirm the list of recipients of SEDAR payments. Following is a list of "recipient agencies" which you should provide to your FI. As soon as the Nova Scotia Securities Commission has confirmed its account, we will provide it to you via a Subscriber Update.


Please note that some names are shortened to meet a 35 character standard, while keeping the essential form. The name formats used to set up EDI arrangements are presented in bold.


Account Name Bank Bank# Trans. Account Length
NFElectronic Remittance A/C CIBC 0010 00063 4104714 30
PEI Prov. of PEI Securities Commission BMO 0001 00373 1058682 35
N.S. Nova Scotia Securities Commission BNS  0002  70003  93211   
N.B.New Brunswick Min. of Finance Transfer Acct N.B. Min. of Finance Transfer Acct TD 0004 52404 01400665447 34
Que Comm Valeurs mobilières Québec BNat 0006 00011 0189424 31 
ONT Ministry of Finance - OSC - SEDAR Project Min. of Finance - OSC - SEDAR CIBC 0010 00002 7212313 29
MAN. Prov. Of Manitoba - Manitoba Securities Commission - SEDAR Royal 0003 00007 1001080 32
SASK. Prov. of Saskatchewan, Dept of Justice, Securities Commission Royal 0003 00008 1506062 35
ALB.Alberta Securities Comm CIBC 0010 00059 1002015  
BC BC Securities Comm CIBC 0010 00100 7500017  
NWT GNWT Legal Registries Revenue Acct CIBC 0010 02099 4109813 34
YUK.Government of Yukon Operating Account TD 0004 99960 09330305532 29
CDS CDS INC. BMO 0001 00022  1270317  


The SEDAR Helpdesk may be reached at: 1 - 8.5 - 219 - 5381

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