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November 27, 1996

Sedar Subscriber Update

Electronic Payments

During the past few months, we have been working closely with each of the EDI-capable financial institutions (FI's) to prepare for the implementation of the electronic payments function of the SEDAR system. You may recall that we provided a contact list for your use in our October 18 Update. This appears to have been very useful in ensuring that you have a central point for information about the enrollment process at your financial institution. We have now prepared a procedure to be used by all subscribers to create and submit a test filing (with a nominal payment) before the first formal submission is due. This procedure will be sent to all subscribers within the next week.


Filer Profiles

Electronic filers should have their filer profiles entered into the SEDAR system 30 days before their phase-in date. At the same time that the filer profile is entered, the Annual Filing Service Charge for Continuous Disclosure is due to CDS INC. (payable by cheque). Therefore, for electronic filers with a phase-in date of January 1, the fees should be paid to SEDAR by December 1st, and the filer profile entered into the system.


Making a Filer Profile "Public"

We have had a number of queries about the process to be used in order that a filer profile be made public. Since a filer profile remains private until the first formal filing has been made public by one of the regulatory authorities, a situation could arise when a second filing service subscriber wishes to make a submission on behalf of a reporting issuer and needs access to the filer profile. As a result, we have developed a process to be used during the transition period.


From December 1 to 31, 1996

All newly-created SEDAR profiles from "Private" to "Public" on a daily basis. This will be achieved through an automated nightly update which will be undertaken by CDS.


Beginning January 1, 1997

The automated process will no longer be used. Should electronic filers (reporting issuers) wish to make their filer profiles public before they file their first document, written notice must be provided to CDS by an authorized signatory of the electronic filer.


New Software

We will be shipping new software and all related documentation to all subscribers at the end of this week. SEDAR Release 2.1 incorporates a number of enhancements, including support for the Windows '95 Operating System. Your software should arrive on Friday, November 29 or Monday, December . We will be loading the server portion of the software onto the SEDAR server this weekend (November 30), so you should install the new software as soon as possible. Beginning on Monday, December , you will only be able to access SEDAR once you have installed SEDAR 2.1 software.


New Banking Information

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission recently published its SEDAR bank account information. It is as follows:



Account Name Bank Bank# Transit# Account #
Nova Scotia Securities Commission BNS 0002 70003 93211


We have been advised that the Newfoundland Securities Commission has decided to open a new bank account to be used for SEDAR payments. In order to minimize any disruption this might cause, use of the new account will not begin until February, 1997. In the interim, the already-published account number should be used. Additional details will be available shortly.


OSC Publishes National Documents

On November 15, the Ontario Securities Commission adopted National Instrument 13-101 and published it in an OSC Bulletin supplement. Single copies are available directly from the OSC; if multiple copies are required, they are available from Micromedia.


New Fax Number

If you need to contact us by facsimile, please use our new number (for all Toronto-based SEDAR personnel)

(416) 365 - 9194


In addition, please remember that you can contact us through our Helpdesk at 1-800-219-5381 between the hours of 8.50am and 6:00pm (EST). These hours are planned to be extended to 8.50 am to 8.50 pm (EST) on December 16, 1996.

If you have any questions about this schedule, please call the SEDAR Help desk for complete details and assistance.

at: 1 - 8.5 - 219 - 5381

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