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February 20, 1997


This issue of the Subscriber Update deals with:

Interim procedures regarding primary / secondary filer capability;

Release 2.2 code update; and

Acceptable formats for filing.

Primary / Secondary Filers

Following suggestions made during the Comment Period in 1996, the CSA has approved a software development effort by CDS INC. to incorporate a secondary filer option into the SEDAR system. This option is expected to be implemented in the late spring of this year and will permit more than one filing service subscriber to participate directly in the filing of a particular project.


In the interim, the following options have been developed for the filing community. Questions about the interim measures described below should be referred directly to the securities regulatory authorities (contact names and telephone numbers are listed).


Option # 1: This option is presently offered under SEDAR and involves the use of the SEDAR work space or the SEDAR electronic mail system. Use of these features permits filing agents and filing service subscribers to cooperate in the preparation of a project, with each participant providing, through the use of the work space or electronic mail, the piece of the project for which it is responsible to the filing service subscriber with primary responsibility for the filing of the project. Users are encouraged to use this approach, as it more fully utilizes those features presently available on SEDAR.


Option #2: This option is available only in situations where the secondary filing agent is involved for purposes of providing a translation of documents in a project to a particular jurisdiction. With this option, a new project is created that includes only those documents in the first project that require translation. In addition, a cover letter must be provided that identifies the first project number. In this way, recipient jurisdictions will be able to match the translated documents in the second project to the first project. During this interim period, no additional SEDAR fees will be payable for the filing of these translated documents.


Option # 1 will continue to play an important role in SEDAR even following the introduction of the secondary filer options. However, the ability to utilize Option #2 is temporary and will no longer be permitted following the introduction of the secondary filer option.

Securities Regulatory Authorities: Key Contacts

British Columbia Jennifer Yolland (604) 660-3738

Alberta Ken Parker (403) 422-0145

Ontario Karen Eby (416) 593-8242

Quebec Pauline Van Winden (514) 873-5009, poste 203


Payment of Filing Fees

During the interim period, filers are advised to carefully monitor the payment of filing fees if two projects are submitted. If, despite these efforts, duplicate payments are made to a securities regulatory authority, the regulator should be contacted directly for reimbursement of overpayments. In the case of SEDAR filing fees, it should be noted that the fee payments prompted by the system are editable. The primary and secondary filers should work closely to ensure that the total fees paid to CDS INC. are correct; enquiries regarding potential overpayments should be directed to Michael Foss at (416) 365-8499.



Release 2.2 Code Update

A new version of SEDAR is being implemented on the February 22-23 weekend. The SEDAR server will be unavailable from 11:30pm (EST) on February 21 until 6:00am on February 23. The release will be available as of February 24, via a code update. To ensure a successful update, please allow the entire download to occur and then follow the instruction windows. The code update is expected to take approximately 25 minutes using a 14.4 kbps modem.


Some highlights of this update include: rename buttons correctly; allow filers the ability to amend cover page information after submission to the SEDAR server; restrict submissions to allow only unique filenames; and permit documents with correct (w51, w52, w60, w61, doc, pdf) file extensions only. Each SEDAR Filing Service Subscriber will be forwarded Release 2.2 notes, and these are to be used in conjunction with your existing SEDAR documentation.



Acceptable Filing Formats

As per the Filer Manual, Section 7.2 (b) (ii), valid Microsoft Word filing formats are 6.0x and 7.0. MS Word 97 (also known as MS Word 8) is not an acceptable format. Using MS Word 97 to save in Word 6 or Word 95 format is also not acceptable, as Microsoft has chosen not to use the actual Word 6 format when this is selected, but instead saves it in a Rich Text Format (known as RTF).


Therefore, files created in MS Word 97 must be converted via another service to MS Word 6 format prior to their transmittal to SEDAR. Microsoft has available a utility for doing this, and it can be retrieved from their WWW site at:

The SEDAR Helpdesk may be reached at: 1 (8.5) 219-5381

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